Sunday, June 27, 2010


Close your eyes and let me conjure a woman of cruelty sublime.

I know you wonder if she has a heart, or wonder what is concealed behind her glorious fa├žade.

Her eyes – lovely brown eyes – dazzle everyone, yet they hold a glimmer of distain and a vague amusement.  Sometimes, they are dark and luminous, whose sensuous vulnerability could make a man go weak at the knees.

When she laughs, the very sound of it is so intoxicating it could enchant the deaf.
Her regal elegance sweeps through a room like a breath of fresh air, she looks like the cat that got the cream, but beware, her claws are poised ready to strike, as is her tongue, ready to lash you into place in the most beguiling of manner that you don’t even notice you have been subtly whipped into submission.

When you see her walking down the street, you’ll say, “ Now there is a fine looking woman”
Her hair a glorious rich brown with hints of subtle blond running through, it is coiffed to perfection – swept up on the top of her head in a neat chignon.
Her dress is fashionable; it moulds her body that is of medium height, curvy, voluptuous and strong.
The shape of her face is slightly round and full, her chin strong like her nose.
Her neck is long and lovely.
Her voice is sweet yet laced with contempt.
She is hard, cold, soft, and warm. 
You adore her and despise her.
You want her; she assails your senses, like an unwanted drug you crave for.
But, you can’t have her for she seems immune to love its as if her heart is full of hardness and chill.
It is.
She is filled with anger; it’s a fire that burns inside her.
She has suffered – but she will not let fate squash her down and kill her spirit.
Her anger propels her forward, looking, alert, and hypervigilent, scanning for “the” opportunity that will position her for revenge and power so that she is impenetrable and untouchable.
Vulnerability is a weakness- weakness is pitiful.
She thirsts after the need for control and in her parchedness she will abuse as though her actions quench her thirst with each beating she administers.
Yet, it is never enough.


  1. Wow Mel. Very cool I like your style. It's deep and poetic yet still very easy to relate to from a day to day place. Hope this makes sense.

    I Love that you're using your experience to help and inspire others. I'm a light worker like you.

    You're beautiful and interesting and I look forward to learning more about you.

    With much Love, Soli :)

  2. Thanks Soli, i sooo appreciate your feed back. I love writing, journaling, let it slip for awhile, but am passionate about it. My goal is to publish my book and then begin to run workshops aimed for woman who have come from abusive pasts or are trapped in abusive relationships. xx