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Welcome everyone, I feel so blessed with some of the feedback I have received that my blog is making a difference in lives, for this is my vision and purpose and it thrills my heart.

We are going to continue with the "Meantime" a place many of us often find ourselves in, the neither here nor there place, that place were sometimes we feel a little lost perhaps, or we lack vision and direction, a relationship has come to an end and you feel as though a part of you has been severed, or you may be in-between jobs, or even homes, this is what I call being in the "meantime".

The "Meantime" is not a time where we sit around waiting for time to pass or for that next opportunity to come knocking on your door, it is a time of preparation.

When you are in the "Meantime", the key is to stay in touch with your heart and mind.

Think what you are thinking, and allow yourself to have a complete thought. Do not convince yourself that you cannot do what you need to do or that doing it will not produce the results you desire.

In the meantime, ride it out! Ride out the thoughts, the feelings, the fear, the anger. Healing is a serious business and serious work. Often when we are in the meantime we are breaking patterns, cycles, and it is important to be patient with yourself.

In order for us to help ourselves along the way, we are given a map, in a tiny suitcase called a heart. The map contains the floor plan of our true home and is filled with directions that lead to the truth about love. Along with the map, we come prepared with a compass, it is called the mind. The purpose of the mind is to support us in the use of the map.

Somehow, along the way through the rooms of our house, we get confused.

We allow the compass (our minds) filled with thoughts, beliefs, judgements, and, of course, patterned perceptions about the house to take over as the guide. In the meantime, while we are trying to read the compass, we leave the packed suitcase (our heart) in the corner of some room, while we drag ourselves up and down the steps of the house, trying to figure out the right direction.

Using the compass without the map takes us over obscure lumps in the carpet, into frightening cracks in the wall, through rooms that are under renovation, and into dark, lonely closets.

From time to time, we will admit that we are lost. We realize that what we are thinking about and doing is not getting us where we want to be - IN THE ATTIC. For this is when we check to see if the compass is in good working order.

Most of us do not stop to think about what we are thinking about until we find ourselves in a deep hole in the floor, or amongst the clutter of some pile of garbage. It is also about this time that we will remember the suitcase, the heart.

We remember that it is the heart that we have been ignoring, that gave us the first warning. It is the heart that we have been afraid to hear, that has helped us find our way through the twists and turns of our house.

Even when we are brave enough to hear and trust the heart, we behave as if its guidance is only a fleeting idea, an idea which we pay little attention, because we have been told by those who have taken the journey before us, " Do not under any circumstances trust your heart!"

In the MEANTIME, while we are trying to make the compass work and give us an accurate directional reading, we continue to explore, search, and rummage through the house, missing the treasure buried within it.


We all start in the basement of life. This is where we are first programmed and indoctrinated about worldly affairs and love by those who love us. It is here that we develop our self-image.

Amid dull lights in the basement is also where we bump into issues of SELF-VALUE and SELF-WORTH. These are the attributes that are essential to our ability to develop and maintain wholesome loving relationships.

It is in the BASEMENT that we develop issues related to survival, where we learn and act out the passive/aggressive behavior patterns that ultimately determine our approach to life.


Our task is to sift through the programmed clutter, the mental garbage, and the emotional junk accumulated in the basement and find our way to the Attic, where love reigns supreme.

When you live in the basement, you don't know what's wrong with you. You may know that you are not happy, but you have no clue about what to do to make yourself happy. You also have no idea that in order to be happy, you must tell yourself THE TRUTH ABOUT WHO YOU ARE, WHAT YOU WANT AND HOW WILLING YOU ARE TO DO WHAT IS NECESSARY TO GET WHAT YOU WANT.

In the basement you must allow yourself the privilege of feeling what you feel and expressing what you feel.

Most basement dwellers, and those who visit there frequently, are so programmed about what they should want that they don't know what to want.

When they do know, they are so afraid that what they want from life will make somebody mad.

Rather than do what they know they want to do, they suffer silently. doubting themselves and silently denying themselves.

Silent suffering is a sure sign of a dysfunctional compass.  (our mind)

The basement of life's house can be a pretty miserable place, and your environment always effects your nature.

In the basement you are more than unhappy, you are miserable!

When you are miserable you blame yourself, you blame other people and you name names! You believe that the world is against you, and you keep saying it over and over again to anyone who will listen, " No one wants to see me get ahead, no one wants me to have anything, no one wants to see me happy, no one loves me!!

And, so we ask ourselves  "why me" The basement is the storage place for the WHY ME SYNDROME.

WHY? because you have been working with the wrong equipment, for the wrong reasons, with the wrong intent - that is why!

The purpose of your tenancy in the basement is to learn to recognize the things about yourself that need to be healed, to understand what role you play in your own misery.

While you are in the basement, you have no clue that you need to be healed. It's always them and not you!

When you are in the basement you are working through all of the programming, the indoctrination, your mother's stuff, your father's stuff that has, through synthesis, become your stuff.

In the basement you must learn to look at the relationships around you as a reflection of you in order to figure out where you want to be in any relationship.

The only way to do this is to become WILLING. You must be willing to release the things that are not working by opening yourself to hearing the things about yourself that you have not been open to hearing.

The moment you become willing to see yourself, to recognize what you are doing, you will move upward, swiftly.

Love is not about survival, it is about growth, and if you insist on staying focused on survival, your growth will be stunted by those experiences which seem completely useless.

The only thing you actually have to do to get out of the basement is admit you need help and be willing to receive it.

You must be willing to look at your own crud without avoiding it or making excuses about it. You must be willing to stop saying, "this is how I am, and this is how it is going to be!" that is WILLFULNESS, insisting that things are the way you see them.

You must be willing to pick up the broom, the mop, and the dust-cloth and get to work on cleaning yourself up and out.

Cleaning out the old thoughts and behavior patterns so that you can get an accurate reading of your heart with your emotional compass.

The good news is that in the basement you will not actually do the work. The only requirement is for you to be WILLING to do it.

You will find yourself on the first floor of your house which is where the cleaning actually begins.

The first floor of life's house is where we live when we know we need to heal, but we don't know exactly what it is that we're healing...............

As part of this process we are going to ask ourselves a few questions and they are designed to support you in becoming conscious of habitual thought patterns, emotions, experiences and beliefs that may be standing between you and becoming all that you are meant to be. WHOLE!
There is no RIGHT answer to any question, the key is to answer every question as HONESTLY as you possible can, This usually means responding with the first thought that comes to mind.  Your first thought is most often your truest thought.
If you are not giving and receiving love in all of your life's experiences, you will find yourself in one meantime experience after another.  To move from one level of consciousness to another, form one level of self-awareness to another you must be grounded in love, you must engage in loving behavior .



A "Meantime" experience is your opportunity to coordinate your consciousness, in order to make better, more conscious choices.
AWARENESS: What is it that you do when you are in fear, anger, anxiety, doubt, under pressure, or in la-la land?

ACKNOWLEDGMENT: Once you realize what you do, don't say that you do not do it, or make excuses for why you do it, you can make a conscious choice to change your response and change the outcome of any situation.

ACCEPTANCE:  Learn to accept what you do as a valuable part of your learning experience and decide whether it is the best way to get what you say you want.

Think about a recent situation to which you responded in ANGER
What did you do?
Were you able to acknowledge to yourself that you were operating in anger?
How did you do it?
Were you able to acknowledge to the others involved that you were operating in anger?
What did you do/say?  If not, why?

I am now aware that when I am angry I am prone to..................................
Which makes me feel.....................................
The next time I am angry, I can choose to.........................................
In this way I will avoid..........................................


Think about a recent situation to which you responded in FEAR.
What did you do?
Were you able to acknowledge to yourself that you were afraid?
How did you do it? 
Were you able to acknowledge to the others involved that you were afraid?
What did you do/say? If not, why?

I am now aware that when I am afraid I am prone to ..........................
Which makes me feel............................
The next time I am afraid, I can choose to.................................
In this way I will avoid.................................


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