Monday, January 24, 2011


When I wake up in the mornings the first thing I see in big bold pink letters in a beautiful wall decal, is the word DREAM.
If you are anything like me, you love to dream, or perhaps daydream?
There is a distinct difference between having a clear dream and daydreaming.  I like to daydream and wander off in my mind to exotic places, doing daring things, meeting outlandish people, but in reality it is only a day dream.  Day dreaming I think is good for the soul, when we are stressed, under pressure, exhausted, I find I like to go to my special place that I day dream about and wallow in the tranquility of my day dream place where no one else can go or disturb me.
We all need to have a DREAM.  A clear, precise, written down, mapped out DREAM.
The bible says " That without a vision a man will perish"
We need a DREAM to keep us motivated, energized, moving forward, a dream that will challenge us, enlarge us, stretch us, teach us and enlighten us.
We need a DREAM to get out of bed in the mornings and embrace our DREAM passionately and excitedly, opening our hearts and minds to new possibilities and new lessons.

I am reminded of the movie Pretty Woman and how it starts with this guy shouting at the top of his lungs, " WHATS YOUR DREAM? and we laugh thinking he is a little doolally in the head, after all who goes around shouting at the top of their voice to no one in particular, WHATS YOUR DREAM?

Well I am, Im shouting to you at the top of my voice,

WHAT IS YOUR DREAM?  Is it some airy fairy thought that pops up in your mind every now and then whispering " I must pursue this", " I really ought to get on with this" " I should start doing this"
but you never do because there is NO REAL COMMITMENT TO YOUR DREAM and your life is filled with must, ought & should. Or, you sadly have no dream at all and you just exist each day, pay cheque to pay cheque day after day doing the same thing getting the same results and stuck in a rut not moving anywhere with your life.

SO WHAT REALLY IS TRUE COMMITMENT? we use the word quite flippantly without giving it  the respect it deserves.
Let me tell you a little story about what commitment really means.

A father of a young family has a very serious car accident and desperately needs blood.
The only one in his family with his blood type is his little girl who is too young to really understand what it all means.  Her mother sits her on her laps and explains to her that daddy needs some of her blood in order for him to get better and would it be okay if they took some of her blood to help her daddy to live.
The little girl nods not fully understanding the implications, tears running down her face.
Mummy then goes on to explain that the doctor is going to give her something to make her sleep so that they can take some of her blood.  This had been decided so that she wouldn't feel overwhelmed and frightened by the procedure.
The little girl agrees to go ahead and give her daddy her blood so that he can get better.
A wee while later the little girl wakes up, and looks at her mummy and says, " I thought I was going to go to Jesus in heaven because I gave daddy my blood"
THIS IS THE TRUE MEANING OF COMMITMENT, this little girl was prepared to give her life in order to save her daddy.


When one has a dream it becomes a true focus.  In order for our dreams to reach fruition we need to give our dream true commitment.  We can't possibly pursue our dream with a half hearted attitude, or put it on the shelf and pull it down every now and then when we feel like it.
To really pursue your dream and see the results one has to go the extra mile, do the hard work, put in the hours, sacrifice, make choices, and keep on going even when it seems tough and at times down right impossible. It means to get up off the floor when you have fallen over exhausted & defeated ready to try again and again if you have to. To really pursue your dream you have to believe in yourself and in your ability. One has to ooze confidence even when we feel as though we are shaking in our boots.

Champions are made not born, they go that extra mile when everyone else has quit for the day.

I think most of us tend to have a too casual attitude towards our dream, the reason is we are TOO COMFORTABLE.  If you are really serious about your dream, life WILL propel you forward and you will find yourself outside of your comfort zone, and this is good, because it is stretching you, teaching you, however if you remain in your comfort zone, you will be robbed of these experiences.

We often don't pursue our dreams for the mentality of " It's too hard,  Ah its just a dream, I could never really do it" " I don't have the money to follow my dream, or "I don't have the time"

They are just excuses.
Do you know what an excuse is?  It is like an arse hole, it only stinks when you use it!! ( I have to be blunt here!!)
 If you have a dream that is truly etched on your very soul you will make the time,  it will become more than just a daydream, it will become a reality.  The universe will bring the right people along your path to help you fulfill your dream, opportunities will arise, money will become available WHEN and IF you discard of the defeatist mentality and take your dream seriously with TRUE COMMITMENT.

My challenge to you this week is to define what your dream is.  Write it down and map it out.  Write down the reasons ( excuses ) why up until this point you have not really pursued your dream and then next to it write down all the reasons why you can.
I then want you to MAKE A COMMITMENT to your dream and sign and date it.  Put it up on your wall were you can see it every day and affirm it.
Then start believing in yourself, and living your dream.  It may mean making some radical changes in your life, taking your hands out of the too many cookie jars and just focusing on the one.
It may mean risking ridicule or negative comments from other people, but remember those people are people who don't have a dream, it is easier for them to knock those who do because they fear their own inadequacy.  You may need to remove some of these people from your life.
You will need to do what you need to do and sometimes radically in order to begin your journey of your pursuit of your dream.


Love Mel x

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