Sunday, September 5, 2010


I have finally competed the first "Woman to Woman" Fabric Journal and I  must say I am rather pleased with the results.
I would like to offer the opportunity for these to be purchased.
They are custom made with your name, and each one is different but with the basic theme of inspiration and motivation.  This Journal is special, it is the place for you to write down those special thoughts not just your ramblings that one does in a paper journal.  It will last you a life time and will be your special place to keep your dreams, desires, secrets, goals and a place to celebrate your progress of your journey so far.

If you would like to pre-order one of these gorgeous exclusive hand-crafted journals please email me at
The introductory price is $55 ( now I know that sounds like a lot, but you can pay a lot more for a mass produced paper journal and I have checked out the prices. This is a fair price for the work involved and originality of the journal )
So treat yourself!! Please allow up to two weeks as I hand make each one, and they are all fabric painted as well as quilted with free motion embroidery and embellished individually.  This takes time, love and patience.

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  1. This is a Beautiful book you have put together! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and learnings with me. I found your page today and have been wondering your stuff for a couple hours now. You are helping lift me up! I am becomming stronger and your work is going to help me.. Thank you, Thank your family for alowing you to do as you do and be who you are! Hugs and Many thank yous.